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As a family baker known for over 120 years as Perfection Bakery, Aunt Millie’s has quality and perfection baked into our DNA. Our team has focused on quality in all areas of the company. From creating innovative formulas that will ensure freshness and extraordinary flavor and aroma to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, we are devoted to quality.

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Quality Ingredients

We go to great lengths for uncompromised quality. For example, we travel to the Northwest Plains to acquire the special grain that makes our whole wheat breads so tasty and smooth. That grain is sweeter and more delicate, requiring unique conditions to flourish. Working in tandem with our farmers, we ensure each harvest meets our standards and ultimately, the discerning standards of our consumers.

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Tested and Certified

Every load of flour is tested and certified to ensure it meets the highest standards of excellence. Aunt Millie’s is the discerning, premium quality baker.

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Quality Process

In our bakeries, employees ensure the highest quality product is produced. Baking over one-half million pounds of bread every day requires a dedicated team!

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Quality Partnerships

Every day, our 1,600 employees represent our century-old pursuit of perfection in everything they do to serve our customers and communities. Enjoy Aunt Millie’s and our quality ingrained.

Allergen and Food Safety

We recognize the challenges and needs of our consumers who have allergies and sensitivities. That’s why we make your safety our priority.

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